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Frederick Garage Door Repair

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Specializing in Garage Door Repair for Homeowners and Property Managers in Frederick

If you’re seeking exceptional garage door repair services in Frederick, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of garage door technicians specializes in delivering high-quality repairs, ensuring your garage door operates smoothly and safely.

Our expertise goes beyond mere repairs. We’re committed to offering insightful advice and practical solutions to improve the longevity and security of your garage doors. With our comprehensive range of repair services tailored to your needs, you can count on us to maintain a reliable, efficient, and durable garage door system.

Frederick Garage Door Repair Services

We specialize in repairing garage door openers, ensuring they function smoothly and efficiently. Our skilled technicians can quickly diagnose and fix any issues, from motor problems to electrical faults.

Our services include repairing and replacing damaged or worn garage door cables, essential for safe and reliable door operation. We use high-quality cables to guarantee durability and optimal performance.

We replace faulty or worn-out garage door rollers to enhance door movement and reduce noise. Regular roller replacement is key to maintaining the smooth operation of your garage door

Proper alignment of your garage door track is crucial for smooth operation; our team expertly repairs and aligns tracks to prevent sticking or jamming. We ensure your garage door moves seamlessly along its track with every use.

Dents or damage to garage door panels can be unsightly and affect functionality; our repair services restore the appearance and integrity of your door. We work on all types of panels, ensuring a seamless and effective repair

Safety is paramount, and our garage door sensor replacement service ensures your door operates safely and correctly. We install and calibrate sensors to provide optimal performance and safety.

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We Proudly Service All Makes & Models Of Doors & Openers

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Will was awesome and very professional. Replaced our garage door spring in no time and took the extra time to check over everything else after the repair. Definitely will be using them in any future repairs/services! -Loren
Tj Salvatore
Tj Salvatore
It is actually rare these days to run into a company/individual who takes pride in their work. Will's communication was incredible and the quality of work was above and beyond what we expected. You can tell he takes pride in his work. Can't praise enough how great of experience we had. If you need any garage door work I would HIGHLY recommend NOCO Door Services. Thank you Will!
nate fox
nate fox
Arrived next day and fixed within an hour. Works better than when it was new. Call prior to arrival and kept me updated with the process. I couldn't be happier.
Ryan Deitesfeld
Ryan Deitesfeld
Will did an awesome job! He came out immediately and repaired the door temporarily and then provided me a panel I could paint and then came back out to re install! He did a fantastic job ! I would highly recommend his services ! He is super professional and pays attention to the smallest details! I will definitely be using him again for my residential or commercial jobs!
Diane Belden
Diane Belden
This company is amazing!! This is the 2nd time we have used their service and I would recommend them to anyone. The brackets that hold the garage door opener to the ceiling broke, one was bent and barely hanging on and the plug in helped keep it attached to the ceiling. Will came over to see what would be needed to fix it and he was back 2 hours later to fix it. He oiled and lubed the parts that needed service and attached the opener to the ceiling very securely. The job was done professionally, timely and very friendly!
Mike Trapp
Mike Trapp
I highly recommend NOCO Door Services. The spring on my garage door broke on a Saturday late afternoon.I called NOCO and the owner Will answered said his crews were busy but he would come out the next day which is Sunday. Fix the spring. He was very nice, professional, and a man of his word. Highly recommended!
Nickie Edwards
Nickie Edwards
The spring on my garage door broke, called NOCO door services and within 2 hours the technician was at my house fixing the spring on my garage door. He was awesome, did a great job explained the problem, very knowledgeable and was finished within 45 minutes. Noco door services were very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend them.
Justin Tuell
Justin Tuell
He did fantastic! I work nights, he came did the job was supper respectful of my time. The door is exactly what I wanted and works great. Literally no complaints!
Amanda Pineda
Amanda Pineda
We just had KY at our house he did an awesome job. Very informative on what he did and what we would need in the future. Great price, great customer service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s a minor hiccup, time for regular upkeep, or you’re thinking about an upgrade, our team is on standby to assist. We’re dedicated to providing you with swift, effective solutions and expert advice for all your garage door needs.

How do changes in altitude affect garage door function?2024-02-09T02:55:13+00:00

High altitudes can affect air pressure and temperature, potentially impacting the lubrication of parts and the efficiency of air-sealed components like weather stripping. Adjustments may be necessary for optimal performance.

Is it possible to convert my manual garage door into an automatic one?2024-02-09T02:55:05+00:00

Yes, most manual doors can be upgraded to automatic with the installation of a garage door opener, which can provide convenience and enhanced security.

Can painting my garage door affect its operation?2024-02-09T02:54:54+00:00

Yes, adding layers of paint can add weight and potentially affect the balance and movement. It’s important to use the right type of paint and not to overload the door with excessive coats.

Why does my garage door open fine but have trouble closing?2024-02-09T02:54:21+00:00

This could be due to sensor issues, track obstructions, or setting errors in the closing force sensitivity of the opener.

Can I upgrade my garage door to be smart-home compatible during a repair service?2024-02-09T02:54:11+00:00

Many times, yes. Ask your technician about integrating smart technology like remote access and monitoring during your repair service.

Can weather changes affect my garage door’s performance?2024-02-09T02:53:56+00:00

Yes, extreme temperatures and humidity can cause materials to expand or contract, affecting alignment, sensors, and moving parts.

Why does my garage door reverse immediately after hitting the floor?2024-02-09T02:53:48+00:00

This could be due to misaligned or blocked safety sensors, or an issue with the limit settings that need adjustment.

What should I do if my garage door won’t open?2024-02-09T02:52:44+00:00

Check for obvious obstructions or issues like a disengaged opener or dead remote batteries. If the problem isn’t clear, call a professional.

Can a noisy garage door be fixed?2024-02-09T02:52:03+00:00

Yes, noisy doors often require lubrication of moving parts or replacement of worn components like rollers or hinges.

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